Thursday, April 23, 2009


Well, you knew this was coming.  Magnolias have bloomed so of course I had to go out and take pictures to draw from.  It's good for me to slow down and really take note of all the seasonal changes going on out there because this is the only time they'll be new to me.  Next year I won't be surprised that there is an old wild cherry (I think) tree blooming out in the woods near our house.  It didn't look like anything until this week and now if I squint, it looks a little like an iceberg drifting toward our backyard (did I mention it's really tall?).  I'll still enjoy it but it won't be such a surprise.  

I've been out with the camera taking macro pics of every little interesting thing almost every day this week.  I worry a little that the new neighbors will think I'm odd, but as I've already told them I'm an artist, maybe they would be disappointed if I wasn't odd enough :)

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