Monday, April 6, 2009

More seedlings

They're coming along so drawn seedlings are a little behind the actual ones, though.  I tend to draw things into my sketchbook then put them on the Yupo and paint them sometime later.  So don't let these just-sprouted little things fool you - my seeds will be ready to plant out in couple weeks.  I've been starting seeds in my windowsills for several years but this is the first time I'll be planting out so early.  Last week, I would have said that the last frost date for this area couldn't be right because it was still snowing a little.  But today and yesterday have been absolutely gorgeous.  I spent as much of yesterday outside as I could manage and have had my windows open all day today.  Ahhhh, spring...

These are more watercolor on Yupo and I'm sticking with the small sizes - 4x6".  Seedlings are so tiny and cute that it seems wrong to make them too big and grand.


hollie said...

i love your colors! the oranges especially.

June rhymes with moon said...

Thank you so much! I love love love color and I think one of my favorite things about making artwork is finding and mixing the exact colors I want.

My two best oranges are Daniel Smith Permanent Orange for the watercolor (mixed in the pink/red/orange piece with DS quinacridone pink) and quinacridone red mixed with cadmium yellow in my oil paintings.