Sunday, April 5, 2009

More experimenting

Yes, more experimenting.  It's good to loosen up and just mess around.  This painting - and the last one - are both 12x16" on canvas.  

I've been resistant for years to the idea of making abstract work (or non-objective work, if you prefer).  I like incorporating abstract elements with recognizable ones but this is kind of uncharted territory for me.  The rest of my work is generally about something that I'm thinking about.  Trying something that is less intellectual and memory-based is really difficult for me.  I suppose I'm afraid that abstract paintings like this where I think more about color and texture than imagery and words and things like that will just be eye candy and not good enough somehow.  But I think it's easy to be intimidated out of doing anything once you think you're not good enough.  If I can't be experimental and try new things now when I'm just getting started and have nothing to lose, then when can I?

Ok, enough about that.  It's finally stopped raining and I've been working out in the garden a bit this weekend.  It's good to feel too hot for a change while I'm digging out in the sunshine.

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