Thursday, April 16, 2009

Drawing again

Yes, that's right, more drawings.  I can't stop myself.  Even when I'm painting or doing something that doesn't require a drawing to work from, I still have to keep drawing things into my sketchbook.  This is a non-sketchbook, straight onto the final paper drawing (Stonehenge, for anyone who is curious).  I'm enjoying the challenge because much as I love my translucent Yupo, it makes it almost too easy to go from a not-too-finished sketch to a nice slick tracing onto the Yupo.  I mean, I have to do it that way because erasing anything on Yupo messes up the surface so watercolor won't stick to it right (guess who learned that the hard way).  But drawing onto the Stonehenge makes me slow down and take my time so that I don't have a lot of eraser mess on the finished piece.

I don't really know how well this sort of thing works when you can't see it in person...I'm sure other types of artwork stand out more in a thumbnail-on-a-screen setting, but I guess I like things that are subtle and make you come in closer to see.  

Anyway, this is a drawing from the crabapple (I think) tree behind our new house.  I hope that's right...I kept looking at it all winter while it was asleep and hoping it would do something interesting in the spring.  So whatever it is, it's definitely pretty now with thousands of little pink flowers.  

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