Friday, April 10, 2009

And again: seeds

Ok, I think these are the last of the seeds.  More watercolors, more 4x6", more Yupo, etc etc.  
I'm playing with these little hexagons and I think I'm going to use them on some other things, too.  I keep thinking of other things I want to combine them with, so I imagine they'll turn up again.  I made a page in my sketchbook of hexagons so that I could trace them onto the Yupo (translucent, you see) and at first I tried actual symmetrical hexagons like you see in chemistry or on a quilt.  They looked kind of boring, so I made a little paper template that's more elongated than a proper hexagon and traced around it to make several rows.  Then I could draw the seedling, place the Yupo piece over my sketchbook page, then move it around on the hexagons until I found a spot I liked and trace in some of the lines.  It was a very Photoshop moment - moving transparent layers around and such.

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