Thursday, April 8, 2010

Gouache - this time on tinted paper!

Here's a couple little gouache paintings - 8x10" on tinted Stonehenge paper. I like this neutral on neutral thing. It's interesting to play with with the opacity of the paint when it has to compete with a color that's already there. I'm putting together some references for more figure-related drawings but I figured if I'm in a mood to paint I should just go for it. So there'll be more figure drawings sometime but today I made abstracts :)


gretchenmist said...

i love the 'looseness' of the painted areas combined with the more geometric drawing. the neutral tone of the paper really works well with the colours you've chosen. beautiful and rich.
hope you're doing well :)

June rhymes with moon said...

I really like having the neutral color of the paper and how it changes the way the paint looks. It's printmaking/drawing paper (stonehenge) so I'm glad it works out ok with the gouache.