Friday, April 2, 2010

Back to work

I finally made it back into the studio! I know, it's amazing.

I can't help but return to gardening, I guess. I think it's like creating a little world and until someone patents a home terraforming machine I'll have to stick with gardening. I wait and wait for spring so I can go outside and tell my plants to grow. "Grow, my pretties," I tell them. And then I let out a little villain-y chuckle...muahaha.


gretchenmist said...

what's a terraforming machine??

i really like the dotted lines and corners in this one.

hoping spring reaches you soon :)

June rhymes with moon said...

You know, like in sci-fi movies when they want to move people onto an alien planet, they have to terraform it so people can live there. It's very "put a mountain range here and a river there" sort of thing. If I could buy a little one I definitely would :D Is that crazy?

Glad you had a lovely vacation :)