Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little oil paintings to go along with the gouache

Here's two oil paintings that I did a couple of days ago and had to wait for them to dry a little bit before I moved them. I worked on them both at the same time - one advantage of working small is that I can fit two canvases on the easel at once. I wanted to try the same kind of lines with color blocks like in the gouache pieces but with more blended areas and less plain white.

I'm getting better at stopping myself before I blend away all the rougher areas like I used to. I feel like if I go back and take away all the unblended edges it loses some of the liveliness. Which is ok too, but I did those last year and I wanted to change things up :) And I'm learning to love when the geometry starts to go wobbly because I'm using oil paint and brushes and not pencils and rulers. I try to keep going back to what it is that I love about oil painting which is taking a solid line and blending out parts of it, and putting brushy scrubby texture all over. There's no way to do all that and maintain a perfect right angle...well, I can't, anyway.


gretchenmist said...

these are great ~ love the smallness of them too.
your white white photos are beautiful :)

June rhymes with moon said...

Thank you! I've been playing around with my photo setup - I have a set of studio lights that I inherited and I've finally gotten a little better at taking pictures with them. I'll have to remember to take a picture of the setup sometime and post it. Maybe my learning experiences will help someone else :)