Thursday, February 25, 2010


I was working on two of these at once, so it's been a little longer to finish one than usual. I have really mixed feelings about this piece. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes there's something I don't like about it, but I'm not sure what :) I usually just toss things that I'm not sure about in a drawer, but I think there's something here that's interesting. And also I'm trying to be more brave and show things online even if I'm not totally sure about them.

Anyway, it's another 11x14" on Fabriano hot press in graphite and gouache. I liked the photo I drew it from but somehow I don't think it's reading as "person putting on a hat" with some details left out. But I also think I've been staring at it for too long and I can't really tell anymore. I'm getting a few more things finished up for a show in Seattle in March and unfortunately that means I couldn't just draw this up and set it aside for a couple weeks until I figured out if there was something I didn't like (which is what I would normally do). It's good for me to not look at a piece and then sneak up on it and get a fresh look at it again - does that make sense? It sounds nutty :)

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