Thursday, May 7, 2009


I started seeing bulb-like foliage peeping up out of the mulch around the garden several weeks ago and some of it turned out to be bluebells.  The previous owners of our new house had done the "cut everything down and cover it up" method of tidying up the garden to sell it so I had no hint of what might be dormant and hiding last winter.  I have all sorts of things that were unexpected coming up around the house, some of which I can identify and some of which I'm still clueless about.  I feel like there's something metaphorical about finding something delightful and unexpected in a new place where things don't feel the way you're accustomed to.  

I have a few rosebushes that have no tags on them and there's two peonies with buds on them so I have at least a few more little surprises waiting for me. 

These two are 11x14" on Yupo and I think all the drawing on paper has spoiled me lately.  I forgot how much of a pain it can be to draw on Yupo because I can't...erase...anything.  Even though I'm tracing it from my sketchbook drawing, every little wobble shows and I keep going over it until it looks smooth.  On paper, the rougher texture doesn't show the wobbles and even if I screw up I can erase (thanks, kneaded rubber eraser!  you're the best :)


gretchenmist said...

these are beautiful.
i love my kneadable eraser too! i went back to drawing on print-making paper after using smooth cotton paper for the last bit and found that it made me wobble a little! and the print-making paper hates the eraser. it's funny how papers are so suitable for one stage and not others and how you get so used to the one you're using the most.

June rhymes with moon said...

Thanks, Belinda!

I've only ever used Stonehenge and Rives BFK and a few thin Japanese papers for printmaking, but I thought printmaking paper usually worked for drawing...obviously the Stonehenge does because I've been drawing on it :) Of course, I've only done a little printmaking so there's a whole range of paper I've never worked with.

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Like your bluebells, so light and well drawn. Best wishes.

June rhymes with moon said...

Thanks Lesley! Your blog looks great!