Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Are they still bluebells if they're not blue?

More bluebells.  8x10" on Stonehenge.

I cut a few of these and brought them inside since we've had so much rain lately that I don't want to go outside in order to enjoy them.  Good thing I staked my delphiniums and peonies before the rain hit.

I feel like it's harder to make a strong focal point with the bluebells because I don't have all those lovely branches and leaves to work with like in the magnolia drawings.  Now that the rain has wrecked all my cherry blossoms I feel a need to draw some of them from the pictures that I took last week and that will give me more options of what to emphasize.  Bluebells are cute but the leaves and the stems are really boring.  Give me a knobby tangled branch any day.

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