Friday, February 6, 2009

Roses again

Another new piece...drawn, scanned, colored, collaged, etc.  

I tend to start drawing in my sketchbook without thinking too much about why I'm drawn to a particular subject or image.  Once I'm going back through my recent sketches for something to work from, I give a little more thought to what it is that caught my attention.  For example, the subject of gardening in general is really interesting to me right now--planting and transplanting, pruning away something to make a stronger plant or a better flower.  I feel like moving away from where I grew up is making all these things resonate for me at the moment.

As far as why I want to draw and work with roses the past few weeks, I think that's more specifically about leaving my roses in the old garden.  I'll start a new rose garden here and I'm starting to look for places I can buy the roses I planted before.  It's still sad to leave them there, of course.

Side note:  I prefer to grow old-fashioned or old-fashioned looking roses.  However, I think the modern shaped roses read better as line drawings, as here.

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