Thursday, January 29, 2009

Progress report; or, works in progress

I'm trying to remember to scan more of my drawings before I paint over them.  Then I have more options to do something else later, without having to redraw an image.

Still playing with Yupo, which if you don't know is a "paper" made of plastic.  I can't get enough of frosted translucent surfaces...I went from colored pencil on frosted Mylar to Yupo.  These two drawings are on a slightly heavier weight Yupo than the previous images.  It seems to grab more of the graphite and requires an even lighter touch to get a nice variation in the line quality.  I'm still working out how to approach it.  I would have thought that, being plastic, the surfaces of the two different weights would be identical, but that the lighter weight would be more transparent.  But it seems like the actual surfaces feel a little different, too.  

I suppose it doesn't matter too much.  I treat pretty much every piece as an experiment anyway.

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