Sunday, May 6, 2012

mauve-y oil

Here's an oil painting I finished a couple weeks ago...haven't been at my computer as much lately and I forgot I hadn't posted it.  It's 8x10".

I met some of my neighbors that have horses and have been exploring some new trails (new to me, anyway).  I don't think Miss My was ever ridden on tight, narrow trails before where it's hard for her to even turn around because there's so many trees and blackberry bushes and such.  So I've learned the hard way that she needs to be taken down them on her own first to look around and learn that the muddy spots aren't quicksand and she won't be sucked in :P  We had some...interesting rides.  

But once she's gotten a chance to investigate and I've walked alongside her she figures it out and relaxes.  So that's been my big project lately to work with her on the trails.  It's challenging and fun but I haven't gotten much finished in the studio lately.  Several pieces in progress though...more on that to come.

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