Monday, March 26, 2012

knitting! (drawn)

I finally managed to round up some knitting photos to use as reference thanks to a friend who agreed to model. I think I've been looking at this piece for too long now and it's started to take on that sort of unreal quality.

I'm still doing image transfers over the top and generally trying to loosen things up somewhat. There's nothing like slightly uncooperative transfer paper to add something unpredictable to a piece...mostly it works great, but some of them just sort of crackle up and fail to stick properly. I'm starting to suspect that has more to do with my iron than the transfer paper, though. Anyway, I'm printing out some transfers that I've scanned and altered in Photoshop so that they're basically clear apart from the text or diagram that I want to use. I think this lightens them both literally and metaphorically so the transfers don't tend to dominate the watercolor.

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