Tuesday, June 28, 2011

garden interlude

June is rose season around here. Most of the roses are putting out their first flowers around the same time so it's a great time to go shopping and see what you're getting.

I've pulled out a few more big euphorbiums from this bed that died over the winter and the blank spaces seemed like they needed new roses. Last weekend was lovely and sunny (not that you'd know it from these gloomy photos from today) so me and the boy went shopping.

The top photos are of my own personal method of garden design: buy some pretty things that go together and then move the pots around until I like the effect :) I'll leave them in their pots and make sure I'm happy before I put them in the ground. I like making a composition out of the flowers and it feels very similar to putting together a collage - all the pieces are cut out and I just move them around until it all works (I hope).

The roses are (from top): Darcey Bussell (new), Eden, Rose de Rescht, Gertrude Jekyll, and Heritage.


Bright Eye said...

Love the combination of the roses.. Look nice and sweet..

T. Roger Thomas said...

Good looking garden!

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

i like your method! it's looking great. the roses are so beautiful and full looking ~ i don't think i've seen them like that here.

June rhymes with moon said...

thank you all!

Belinda, I have an addiction to posh antique roses. I either get actual old roses or new ones that are bred to look like old ones. this is pretty much the only area of my life where I value good breeding and a fancy name :)

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