Monday, August 2, 2010

Miss Boo's summer so far

This summer hasn't been our best, I guess. Here's my poor baby horse at the vet hospital on June 30th. She colicked and we had to get her to the hospital at 2 in the morning. She pulled through just fine and didn't need surgery, fortunately. She's 27 this year so things like this can be pretty serious.

I'm bringing this up even though she's feeling good again to explain where I've been lately :) After my June-of-the-migraines, I'm doing better and one of the things that made me miserable while Boo was at the hospital was wishing we could have gone out more this summer. I was worried that she would either come home after surgery and need weeks and months of recuperating or she wouldn't come home at all.

So I'm doing my best during the nice weather to make up for all that riding and exploring we didn't get to do before she colicked. She loves going out on the trail and meeting people, watching other horses, and sniffing any dogs we happen to meet. We even went out on the trail with my neighbor and her horse on Friday and Boo (who hasn't been ridden out with another horse in years) did great. She made the stink-face when he got too close but she was good.

I'm taking advantage of the sunshine to be outside as much as possible because I figured I can paint when it's raining. I'm sure there will be plenty of rainy days as we get closer to fall :P

How's your summer going?


gretchenmist said...

so stressful when pets are under the weather. enjoy the sunshine :)

freshlychopped said...

i'm SO glad she's able to get out and about in the sunshine! you are right - there will be many rainy days to come when you can make up for painting time. : )

June rhymes with moon said...

Thanks, Belinda! Believe me, I don't waste it :)

And Leah - I'm not from the Seattle area and I'm still astounded at how much it can rain here. Like, really truly astounded :P

hollie said...

i am forever in love with her freckles. ^_^ so glad she's feeling better and you guys can enjoy the nice weather.

June rhymes with moon said...

Yay for freckles! I love hers (and mine) and I don't like people that are snobby about them :)