Saturday, August 21, 2010

brushy brush brush

Two square oil paintings - small one is 6x6" and the larger one is 10x10".

I can't remember what I used to mix the greeny blue on the other pair of these that I did. I don't think this was it but I already mailed them off to their new owner so I can't confirm :) I need to get in the habit of noting some of the color mixes I use when I'm doing oils because I have just enough random tubes of color to be confusing. I used to make little swatches on canvas paper and stick them into a sketch book with a note about the colors I used. I should get back in the habit of doing that when I get something I'm especially happy with.


gretchenmist said...

it's a beautiful blue. i like to paint a little sample and stick it up with notes too ~ seems so hard to repeat a colour exactly! or a keep a sample of yarn if that happens to be a colour i'm trying to make!!
congrats on the new home for your paintings :)

June rhymes with moon said...

Yeah, even when I have the other piece to look at I can't always recreate a color so I really need to get in the habit of writing down mixes. So it's not exactly the same as the sold pieces but I think I like this blue anyway :)

freshlychopped said...

you always make the prettiest blues. so calming. : )

June rhymes with moon said...

Thanks, Leah! I'm a big fan of your color sense - I never use yellow but you always make it look beautiful.