Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Still drying

Here's what I was working on last night - it's too wet to move or scan right now. I think it was a 10x10" panel with canvas. It's fun to paint loose and draw in pencil lines in the wet paint (although they don't show up that well in this photo). I draw the lines all wobbly and random and all the paint lines are wobbly too! Scary! I don't know why I'm ok with oils being sketchy but all my pencil/gouache/watercolor drawings have to be super clean.

My experimenting with gouache and opaque colors have made me want to use the oil colors in a more glaze-y, translucent way. I hope the scans will show this because I think it's a nice effect in this piece. I use alkyd medium to make the paint dry faster anyway and I just increase the proportion of medium to paint a bit to make it more of a glaze.


gretchenmist said...

beautiful colours. oils are just so much fun to paint with. i like the 'freedom' that comes with oils ~ unless its a really dark colour it can be wiped away! {it's been too long since i painted with oils}.
nice to see a little of your workspace too ")

June rhymes with moon said...

I know, I feel like I can't really make a permanent mistake with oils. And I can wander off and come back later and keep working. Also, be glad you can't see the rest of my studio - it's pretty terrifying at the moment :)