Thursday, June 25, 2009

My creative space

I'm noticing that when I go and work in my studio in the evening, I have something interesting to post for My Creative Space, but everyone else posted theirs ages ago.  I hope it still counts even if I like to work a little later :)

More creative spaces (and play along) at Kootoyoo.


Alison said...

I think our creative spaces are so different because we make use of them at all different times and in different ways. My creative space is usually busy quite early on, but not always...

gretchenmist said...

i love to see your work space whenever!
i'm ok posting on the day but sometimes it takes me a week to get round to everyone else.
just wondering how you work steadily on these high panels? i found it a bit tricky with my small linen blocks {they are higher than any other surface i've worked on}.

June rhymes with moon said...

Alison, I love seeing all the variety, too!

Belinda - I don't know if this would work exactly the same way since with your acrylics I imagine you're putting down one whole layer at a time, but here is my twofold strategy:

1. Put the edge of the panel about 2 inches from the edge of the table and rest my wrist on the edge of the table


2. Wait until the rest of the painting is done to paint the bottom edge and rest my wrist on the dry area at the bottom in the meantime :)

Does that make sense? I wonder if you could paint your base layer, let it dry completely, and then you could rest your wrist on the edge of the block? Or what if you put a thick book or an unused canvas right next to the block you're working on so that your whole arm is at the same level?

It's definitely different from working on paper but it's still easier than trying to do overly fine detail when you're at an easel and there's nothing to put your wrist on.

Anonymous said...

Your creative space looks so beautiful, pretty in pink and delicate. So fascinating to look at. Your work is lovely

gretchenmist said...

thanks for the tips!
true, could never be done on an easel. the base layers are ok coz i can hold it from the back. it's just the fine detail close to the right edge {am right handed}, but the book under the hand option sounds pretty ideal.