Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Garden update

Not a whole lot of art-making going on around here today...I've got family visiting tomorrow so I've had to cram a bunch of things that normally live in the guest bedroom into my studio.  I did go outside to take some pictures and thought this little snail had some star quality and deserved a little internet fame.

This is my Eden climbing rose - it's only been in the ground for a couple weeks so it hasn't done a lot of climbing just yet.  I love the lush blooms.  For me, roses are definitely a "more is more" kind of thing.


caramela said...

These roses are totally and absolutely adorable-the snail deserves some fame too...-have fun with your family-thank you for being very kind and lovely-

freshlychopped said...

I love those roses! I've been pondering what type of roses to get for our garden and those are lovely. That snail definitely has some star quality- very fierce posing for the photos. : )

Hope you have fun with your family!

June rhymes with moon said...

Ooh, I could talk about roses all day :) I love the old-fashioned looking roses and I've been planting them where I can open a window and enjoy the smell inside the house because they're so strongly fragrant.

And snails make great models, by the way...they're too slow to move out of the shot :)

hollie said...

i meant to comment on your wonderful snail friend the other day! and i so so envy your green thumb. the roses are beautiful. i can almost smell them. ^_^

June rhymes with moon said...

Thanks Hollie! Oddly my green thumb seems limited to outdoor plants...I can kill indoor plants like nobody's business :)

And I'm a sucker for those little snails. I'm always picking them up and moving them somewhere safer (they seem to love trying to cross places where they'll get stepped on).