Wednesday, January 30, 2013

lilac encaustic

These shiny encaustic pieces are turning out to be difficult to scan - the glossy surface seems to confuse the scanner and parts of it get blown out.  But I can't get the level of detail I want with photos.  So here's a combination of both...hopefully that gives an idea of what this actually looks like between the two.

I'm trying to get the layers of papers and lines and image transfers to be a little more transparent so you can see through and under them.  Making the lines onto the gesso a bit darker seems to be helping, and I printed out some image transfer bits that are essentially clear with a floating image (in this case the handwriting) on them.  I think that's giving it a feel that's closer to my digital collages where all the layers are working together.

I also decided to start blogging some of my sewing projects but I wanted to keep this space just for art.  I mean, why neglect one blog when you could neglect two??!?  So here's the sewing blog, if you're curious.

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