Monday, May 21, 2012

show time!

I'm going to be showing at Assemble Gallery and Studio in Seattle for June and July.  It's possibly the most delightful place on earth (sorry, Disneyland).  Gorgeous gallery space?  Perfectly curated shop?  Classes and workshops on awesome crafty things?  YES.  I could live there - would that be weird? :D

The opening is June 8 from 6-9 as part of the neighborhood art walk.  Hope to see some of the local peeps there!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

more knitting

Graphite, watercolor, gouache, and image transfers on paper, 11x14".

I think this is the last sheet of this more off-white paper - not sure why it doesn't match the other pieces.  I have a maddening variety of white mats, frames, and drawings...I go to swap something out and I realize that the paper looks icky against the mat or vice versa.  If I wasn't so cheap frugal I would have a mat and frame for every piece but instead I switch them out for shows.

I've discovered that using a gridded ruler works really well for making the lines match up with each other (at least the ones I want to be parallel, anyway).  I already had one for my rotary cutter so now I use it for drawing, too.  Of course, I only have one and I'm too cheap frugal to buy a second one so it's usually in whichever spot I'm not :)

Thursday, May 10, 2012

colored pencils

11x14" colored pencil, watercolor, and gouache.

I was poking around in my paper supplies and I wanted to use up some more of this lovely heavy cold press paper.  I got a smokin' deal on a 10 pack but I didn't realize it doesn't take pencil all that well.  It's ok but it's not great either.  So I tried a few different things and it seems to love colored pencils.  Graphite looks dull but the Prismacolor pencils turn out really nice and rich.

So I made this to experiment with the pencils and see if the wax would make too much of a resist for the watercolor, etc.  I think I like it but it's definitely harder to do a really fine line like I'm used to with the smooth hot press paper and regular graphite pencils.  It does make a little bit of a resist but not to the point that it's distracting (I hope).  Plus lines in color!  Very exciting.  I'm going to do a few more of these and see how I feel about doing linework in different colors.

I realized (before I tried it, fortunately) that ironing transfers over the top of colored pencil would probably melt the wax and turn it into a mess.  Although in the interest of science I'll have to try that on a scrap sheet of paper...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

mauve-y oil

Here's an oil painting I finished a couple weeks ago...haven't been at my computer as much lately and I forgot I hadn't posted it.  It's 8x10".

I met some of my neighbors that have horses and have been exploring some new trails (new to me, anyway).  I don't think Miss My was ever ridden on tight, narrow trails before where it's hard for her to even turn around because there's so many trees and blackberry bushes and such.  So I've learned the hard way that she needs to be taken down them on her own first to look around and learn that the muddy spots aren't quicksand and she won't be sucked in :P  We had some...interesting rides.  

But once she's gotten a chance to investigate and I've walked alongside her she figures it out and relaxes.  So that's been my big project lately to work with her on the trails.  It's challenging and fun but I haven't gotten much finished in the studio lately.  Several pieces in progress though...more on that to come.