Tuesday, October 16, 2012

feeling fall

In between the encaustic experimenting I was working on a couple of pieces on paper.  This piece had an unexpectedly autumnal sort of pink when I came back and looked at it again.  I meant to just make a toned-down pink but it feels like a fall color to me.

I bought some 300 lb. hot press watercolor paper on sale and I really like that ironing on the image transfers is less likely to warp it.  The other pieces usually came back to being pretty flat but this is even smoother.  And obviously it's less prone to buckling when it's wet since I don't like to have to stretch the paper.


gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

love the pink, it's quite vibrant. and as always your drawings are beautiful.
wondering how your art fair went?
sounds like you have been enjoying life over summer.
thanks so much for your lovely message ~ it's really great having online friends xx

June rhymes with moon said...

thanks!! you're always so kind :D

the art fair went pretty well...I didn't make a ton of sales in number but one lady bought 3 original pieces for example and I sold some prints so I was happy. I took some pics of my booth but I never posted them - perhaps I should dig them up.

I miss summer already and it's only October...