Thursday, August 25, 2011

film: roll 1!

I got my rolls of film back today...woo!

I'm still scanning everything but here's the first roll. Yes, I scanned the prints but I don't want to hear about it. My scanner which came with a negative and slide scanning accessory is apparently terrible at scanning negatives. They looked awful. I suppose I might be doing something wrong but I got impatient so I scanned the prints.

For some reason the prints were sort of sepia toned so I killed that off in photoshop so you can see how they are supposed to look. I think, anyway...the box said black and white so I don't know why they were so brown.

I tried to get a variety of light conditions but I'm not sure I can even tell so I think at least for this black and white film I'll just go for it if I see something I like. Everything came out pretty darn good and this is the camera with no focusing, no shutter speed adjustment, just a button and a winder. I think I'm in love! :)

Sadly the roll of film that was sitting for decades in the Pentax was completely blank. Not vague or hard to see, just blank as far as I can tell. I was really hoping there would be something interesting on it.


T. Roger Thomas said...

I like the first one. Also, I think that going with black and white was a wise decision.

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

they are great! bummer about the blankness. have a fun weekend :)

June rhymes with moon said...

thanks Roger! I wanted to try the b&w because all the pictures that my mom has that she took with this camera were in b&w. I'm going to try some color in it too...just curious to see what will happen :)

thanks too Belinda! I was trying to guess what would be on there and if it would be pictures from before I was born or after! I mean, that film looked really old. have a great weekend too!

Cathy said...

So much fun!

When I take my film in, I just ask for develop/scan. That way, you don't have to pay for prints you don't want. And you also have a digital catalog of your pictures. (Much quicker than scanning the images yourself.)

Looking forward to seeing more of your film shots!

June rhymes with moon said...

I was worried that I might not get anything out of these cameras so I just went with a single set of prints. more out of habit, I guess...that's all I ever did back when I had a film camera that I used. plus I had never tried my scanner for negatives before so I assumed it would work brilliantly :)

actually, I did try again to figure out what setting it was applying that looked so awful and I finally figured it out...more photos to come!