Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Ok, Hollie has finally gotten me inspired to figure out the facebook fan page. If you'd like to push the button, it's right over there on the sidebar. Thanks Hollie! My hero :)


hollie said...

YAY!! janelle i wish you could have seen me trying to figure out that stupid thing the other day! i finally emailed a friend and made her help me. i'm sure you were a much more competent creator. ^_^

June rhymes with moon said...

bless your false confidence in me!

I may not have mentioned this before but the boy I married is a programmer. I highly recommend having a programmer in the house when you are trying to do any computer-y internet-y things :D

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

ooh i need a programmer over here! i've had a personal facebook page and a gretchenmist page just sitting there + i keep meaning to figure it out . . . i don't even know how to find the gretchenmist page!!
how can it be so not straightforward??

June rhymes with moon said...

well, all I did was click on "more" on the home page under all those little tabs on the left and click on "ads and pages." then it has all the options and you just start filling it in and adding photos and such. it also says "view page" at the top and you can preview the page.

I don't know if I set anything up differently when I first set up my personal page so that it knew that I'm a business or something...? can't remember at this point.