Thursday, December 23, 2010

playing with string

I had a sudden whim (prompted by a gift request) to see if I could learn juuuust enough crochet to make a cute creature. Here's what I made - it's one of those learn-as-you-go projects since I hate making practice sketches/stitches/swatches. I'd rather just try it and see what happens - which is why any experienced crocheters out there will undoubtedly see tons of mistakes. It's nice to pick up a project that's low stress because I don't really mind mistakes if it turns out cute :)

The kitties have been also been playing with strings (see what I did there?).


Aleutie said...

Wow, this is actually very good for a first try! My first crochetted animal looked like a mouse and I-don't-know-what hybrid, although it ws suppose to be a bear.

June rhymes with moon said...

Thanks, Aleutie! I think it helps when you're making a gift for someone if they don't know how to crochet either :) As long as I don't point out the mistakes and asymmetrical pieces they never seem to notice!