Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Back to drawing

I got in a drawing mood after playing around with abstract painting and collaging lately. These two are graphite and gouache - the top one is 11x14" and the bottom is 9x12". I thought reducing the size of the paper would make it easier for me to fill in the composition when there's just one hand that I'm drawing and it seems like it worked out ok.

One of my challenges with these pieces is figuring out what exactly I want to show and what is unnecessary and can be left out. So I try to think of that when I'm putting together my reference photos or I end up wanting to put too much in. Even cropping down the image so it's showing only the bit I want to draw helps me simplify. Most of these drawings are a sort of composite of multiple images and the hands are usually pictures I've taken for reference. Not that it probably makes that much difference but I thought maybe other artists who work from images would find it interesting :)


Krystal Lee said...

hi :)

i really love the subtle colours you use, your pieces are really beautiful and delicate.

thank you x

Krystal Lee said...

ps i LOVE the name 'june rhymes with moon'!

June rhymes with moon said...

Hi, Krystal! Thanks for visiting :) And thanks for your kind words!

gretchenmist said...

yes, i'm interested. i love how working with different mediums inspires new work and ideas, but i find it tricky after collaging {and working digitally} to be free with drawing ~ i can't move it around or take it out! i love your simple clean lines. and the colour works really well with your drawings.

June rhymes with moon said...

Oh, I hate it when I put something down that I don't love and I can't hit undo :) I totally agree about what order you do things in. And thanks! Glad you like :)