Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Shades of gray

I feel like I need a vacation after people come to visit :) Last weekend we had more family visiting and did a few tourist things - Pike Place Market and such. We took a ferry out to Bainbridge Island which I've been wanting to visit anyway and drove out to a beach. I don't know about you, but I love walking on pebbly, rocky beaches. You can poke around and pick up pretty pebbles and toss rocks into the water to get a lovely splash.

The weather could have been better but I found that all the pebbles that caught my eye were smooth and gray and matched the surroundings. All the more colorful ones stayed on the beach and I brought home the subtle ones. I would have thought that the reverse would be true - on bright days I wouldn't mind the grayer pebbles and on gray days I would seek out the more colorful ones. I especially love that one with the two makes me happy :)


gretchenmist said...

a breather will be good now! i like your rocks too, the different shades and soft white lines are beautiful.

June rhymes with moon said...

Yeah, I'm taking it easy for a bit :) Right after I took the pictures I heard one of the pebbles rolling across the floor so I had to go rescue them from a cat.