Wednesday, June 26, 2013

I'm so far behind...

Uh, so remember that time I went to Portland?  For a show?  It's been a while, I know :P

It's been kind of crazy around here.  I got back from Portland and I was relieved that I could get things back to normal.  Then my mom called me and said my dad was going to need heart surgery and could I come home?  He's doing great now but that was about a week that I wasn't expecting to have to be away.  Then me and my husband went on the big vacation to Hawaii with his entire family for 10 days.  Then I got back and came down with something (apparently I can't be on a plane without catching a cold).'s some photos from Portland!  I made some simple stand-y peg boards by hinging the pieces together so they fold flat.  I had to get everything into one car because it takes about 3 hours to get there so I really didn't want to have to take a second car!  I had the scarves hung on the boards and the pillows I made on the floor in that metal tub.  I think it all looked pretty good!  I might change some of the display for my little local outdoor fair next month though...putting one of the scarves wrapped around something would look more appealing and give a better idea of how it would look when worn.

Also I've been working on something a little different for the artwork and I'm still figuring it out.  I think I like where it's going but I haven't quite worked out all the kinks and made a finished piece to show you.  But art is happening!  Just not finished work :)